Cancer Research UK does not have all the answers..and that’s an invitation to the rest of us

I see that Cancer Research UK last week put out a press statement about the need for the UK to have strategic vision for medical research. You can find further details on their blog and they also issued a document entitled 'Building the Right Environment for Medical Research.' Thoughtfully the announcement and document have been... Continue Reading →

Dame Sally Davies interview in the FT

Dame Sally Davies, England's new Chief Medical Officer, gives a frank and open interview in today's Financial Times.  In it, Dame Sally says that she will continue to play a leadership role with respect to NHS R&D but with perhaps less involvement in the day-to-day running (my interpretation).

NIHR Funding Announcement and hats-off to Diabetes UK

The UK National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) has today announced £775 million worth of funding over five years for translational research.  The funding will be made available through NIHR to NHS/university partnerships. Also, in what has to be an exemplar for others in terms of dissemination, Diabetes UK have today made a very public... Continue Reading →

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