Let’s get animated about public involvement in health research: new film by @NIHRINVOLVE

It’s film awards season. Did you watch the BAFTAs a few days ago?

I did and I was thrilled that ‘Boyhood‘ directed by Richard Linklater took home a lot of the trophies including ‘Best Film.’  It’s a wonderful movie about growing up, as well as a film-making feat; it was shot over twelve years.  Do go and see it if you can.

Use of film as a means of public engagement is on the increase across health research.  NIHR is running a new-media competition at the moment in which it is looking for the best short-films about research.  The closing date is 31st March 2015.  It even has its own TV channel on Youtube.

A trend within this trend is the use of animation or cartoons to tell a story. I have been involved in a number over the years.

Now, INVOLVE – the national advisory group for the promotion and advancement of public involvement – has produced a short cartoon (actually the technical term in this case is ‘whiteboard animation} entitled: ‘This is my story, what will yours be?’ It tells Tom Grew’s story of being involved in research following his diagnosis with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of 18 and it really is splendid. If you click here, you can view the film and find out more about the story behind it.

It’s the Oscars on 22nd Feb. Who knows, one day patients and the public might get to walk on the red carpet?

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