Breaking Boundaries review of public involvement in the NIHR – Update Ahead of #INVOLVE2014

So, as you can imagine, I am limbering up today and tomorrow in preparation for the INVOLVE Conference – ‘Changing Landscapes’ – which takes place in Birmingham later this week. That means sit-ups, press-ups, gargling water and mnemonics to remember the difference between participation, engagement and involvement and other useful stuff like that.

It should be an excellent meeting and, as always, I am looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

This year’s event has added spice because we will be talking about the strategic review of public involvement in NIHR and here’s a brief announcement about what people can expect.  It is also on the NIHR website.

Breaking Boundaries review of public involvement in the NIHR – Update

24 November 2014

Attendees at this year’s INVOLVE conference in Birmingham on 26/7 November entitled ‘Changing Landscapes,’ will hear the findings of the Breaking Boundaries strategic review of public involvement in the NIHR.

Simon Denegri, National Director for Public Participation and Engagement in Research and Chair, INVOLVE, said:

“This has been an ambitious project. We have had an amazing response from people and organisations to our call for views and ideas. We just need a bit more time to put it together and make sure it is visionary and actionable as a report. The good thing is that people at the conference will have an opportunity to shape our final approach, in particular how we address future priorities in a changing landscape.”

The Breaking Boundaries report is expected to be published before the end of the year.

Breaking Boundaries received over 500 responses from patients and the public, researchers and others, more than 80 submissions from organisations, as well as taking evidence from charities, industry and international organisations. It also held workshop sessions as part of events around the country. A number of key themes have emerged from this call including:

– The value of working with the public, and the difference it makes to the quality of research
– Inconsistencies in practice and implementation across NIHR and other funders
– Barriers to the public contributing to research including awareness, attitudes and support
– The importance of partnership and collaboration to future success
– The need to recognise and share good practice.

When asked about the future of public involvement over the next 10 years, contributors to the review have highlighted a number of priorities. These include:

– Greater public awareness of research and the NIHR’s role in making it happen
– Public involvement to be seen as normal and accepted practice
– Actionable evidence of the value of public involvement
– Locally relevant but strategically consistent implementation
– Clarity over quality and good practice in public involvement
– Agreed measures for how public involvement is making a difference
– Global partnership and better links with the NHS and other funders.

People can contribute their views on Breaking Boundaries and other public involvement issues this week using the INVOLVE Conference hashtag #INVOLVE2014


The Breaking Boundaries strategic review of public involvement was commissioned by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and announced on March 31st 2014. The review panel was asked to make a report and recommendations to the NIHR according to the following terms of reference:

  • A compelling vision and clear objectives for the NIHR’s leadership in public involvement.
  • Areas where the NIHR should be looking to maximise the public’s contribution to health, social care and public health research in the future.
  • Ways in which NIHR organisations should be thinking about, linking, planning and executing public involvement, participation and engagement activities.
  • Options for the future support and organisation of public involvement across the NIHR so that it is embedded in policy and practice.
  • How the NIHR can grow a diverse and inclusive public involvement community
  • Innovations and new thinking in public involvement in health, social care and public health research.

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