A commercial break of sorts: (Dr Ann-Gel) Palermo comes to Bristol 25th Sept: book a place

Community-based Participatory Research: Unlocking the potential – 25th September in Bristol, 14.30-16.00.

Dr Ann-Gel Palermo is an experienced community activist researcher, involved with numerous organisations, local and federal committees in the USA concerned with public health and health disparities. She is chair of the Harlem Community & Academic Partnership (HCAP) which is a New York based partnership of community residents and representatives from community based, public health and academic organisations, with a community-driven and action-oriented approach to health research and health policy based on the social determinants of health. A seasoned community partner, Ann-Gel believes that community partners are uniquely positioned to enhance research work and to do it well.

Expect to hear about Ann-Gel’s work, engage in a discussion about CBPR and share ideas, questions and experiences of CBPR in the context of community-academic partnerships.

The free workshop is open to all, and is particularly relevant to health professionals, academics, community based organisations, students and volunteers who are interested in the role of CBPR, and how it can be effective in addressing social issues.

Details of Dr Ann-Gel Palermo’s event and the booking form are here

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