Those kind folks at the Science Media Centre alerted me to this afternoon’s launch of the BBC report into it’s science reporting and coverage.

Fran Unsworth has written the BBC’s news blog on it and it is well worth a read.

It has already excited quite a lot of comment. I have yet to read the report in full but I was pleased that it appears to have picked up on the BBC’s lack of connectivity in terms of linkages with scientists but also in terms of social and other media.

It does feel sometimes when reading the BBC reports that it all ends there and they often come up short in providing the audience with good and useful trails to follow.

Being wedded to the facts and evidence is crucial to the BBC’s credibility and I see no reason why it should be any different in science as opposed to foreign affairs.

But it is important that in serving a wider audience it does not also lose it’s value to them in incorporating other perspectives particularly in areas of significant public interest.

It sounds as though the report says this although the comments suggest otherwise. I’ll have to read it.

This is my first blog by email so apologies if it doesn’t work.

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