Stem cell research…and that ‘nudge’ theory thing again

So, if you are looking for more information about today’s Government report: ‘UK Taking Stock of Regenerative Medicine in the United Kingdom’ you really do need to visit Becky’s policy pages as she has, per usual, taking the words out of my mouth.

If am being absolutely honest though, I am more looking forward to tomorrow’s report into changing human behaviours by the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee as chaired by Baroness Neuberger. There have been a couple of preview pieces including this one in yesterday’s Observer which is by far the best.

My sense is that the report will say that the ‘nudge’ approach to changing behaviours is, like one of those self-help books that seem to fill the shelves at WH Smiths these days – interesting, titillating but lacking in an evidence-base to support its place at the heart of Government policy.

It’s not the first time this has happened you might say…and you’d be right.

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