HEFCE Funding Announcement – Lord Willis Comment


Reacting to today’s announcement of funding allocations for Higher Education Institutions by the Higher Education Funding Council For England (HEFCE) Lord Willis, Chair of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC), said:

 “These are uncertain times for science and research with a tightening spending budget and considerable pressures on universities and a difficult business environment. Today’s announced reductions to research funding and capital spend in universities naturally raise concerns over the impact across science.  It emphasises the need for Government to work with all partners to support world-class science in the UK.

 “Last year AMRC’s 125 members spent £1.1 billion on medical and health research in the UK, over a third of all public expenditure, with 80% of this funding going to universities. 

 “However, we welcome the news that HEFCE has protected and maintained the Charity Research Support Fund (CRSF).  Our evidence is that charities are working in an increasingly difficult fundraising environment with cuts in public expenditure adding to the pressures on them. HEFCE’s announcement represents an important incentive to maintaining their investment in research going forward.  AMRC members look forward to continuing their valuable partnership with government as we find a way forward over the coming years.”

 Notes to Editors

 The Charity Research Support Fund (CRSF) is the funding stream through which government partners charities to support the full costs of research in universities.

The Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) is a membership organisation of the leading medical and health research charities in the UK. Working with our member charities and partners, we aim to support the sector’s effectiveness and advance medical research by developing best practice, providing information and guidance, improving public dialogue about research and science, and influencing government.

Formally established in 1987, AMRC now has 125 member charities that contributed over £1 billion in 2009-10 to research in the UK, aimed at tackling diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes, as well as rarer conditions like cystic fibrosis and motor neurone disease. Medical research charities contribute approximately one third of all public expenditure on medical and health research in the UK. www.amrc.org.uk

For further analysis please view our policy blog at: http://amrcpolicyblog.wordpress.com/

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