A bit of tidying-up on Scotland

Yes, I know the REF impact pilots are the story of the day and I shall blog about this a little later…But I feel an urgent need to do a little bit of tidying-up from my scrappy blogs while on tour in Scotland yesterday.  You may remember that we were taking part in the Science in the Parliament day in Edinburgh organised rather well I though by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC).

Here is the link to our news release from yesterday and you can also view our ‘Medical Research – One Voice for Scotland’ pledge card, its five policy calls and briefings on each put together by AMRC members and others for tomorrow and with our sights clearly on the Scottish Parliamentary elections in May 2011.  Click on any of the pictures below and it will take you to what you need.

I thought it was a good day yesterday.  I was very impressed indeed with the standard of debate among the MSPs during the question time – they actually debate the subject and were knowledgeable!!  I also thought that Ian Gray MSP (Leader of the Labour Party in Scotland) gave a very thoughtful speech on science and rather liked his versio of Einstein’s quote ‘Science without politics is lame, politics without science is blind.’

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