Scotland's day of reckoning

So only one day in the new office and my team have sent me away already.

But it is with a mission. I am waiting for my flight to Edinburgh as I write.

Today we are taking part in the Science in Parliament event there. It couldn’t be more timely. On Thursday the Scottish Government is expected to announce its own version of the spending review. As we know from experience , a strong and united voice can make all the difference in these final days.

On a side note I’m really pleased that the network of charities and other partners that AMRC has facilitated north of the border, with a lot of help I might add, will have such a big role to play today.

Later we will be publishing our policy calls and going live with our website pages on Scotland. So watch this space.

I’m taking it as read that you are mightily impressed that I’m posting on my mobile phone.

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