Health White Paper

If you are looking for links to today’s Health White Paper etc look no further..

The Department of Health press release is here:

The white paper Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS is available here:

The ‘handing power to GPs’ headline is the one that has, and will continue to grab, attention in the media.  There is certainly much to think through in terms of the new market system being proposed and how it will affect research either directly or indirectly. But more from me on this tomorrow. In the meantime, key highlights from a research perspective and in my own words seem to be…

  • further consultations on the NHS Constitution
  • new Health Bill in the autumn
  • ‘promotion of involvement in research and use of research evidence’ within remit of new NHS Commissioning Board
  • greater emphasis on research in the new public health strategy to be published later in the year
  • provision of more information to patients about research and how to take part
  • commitment to the ongoing use of patient data for research
  • commitment to follow-through on the outcome of the Academy of Medical Science’s review of regulation
  • general statement in support of medical and health research and key initiatives such as Academic Health Science Centres

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