Challenge for Government

So, this week, we began rolling out our ‘Challenge for Government’ document to Government, MPs, Peers and policy-makers (you can find out more about it by clicking on the page link above and following the links to our dedicated website).

Some might want to call ‘Challenge for Government’ a manifesto.  But I hope and believe it’s a more imaginative and innovative initiative than that.   Why do I say that?

  • Well, first, its comprehensiveness.  ‘Challenge for Government’ sets out the sector’s policy priorities in detail across four thematic areas: science investment; the scientific environment; innovation and leadership.
  • Second, this is more than just a series of ”asks’ of Government.  There are some critical ones such as the need for Government to commit to the Charity Research Support Fund (CRSF)).  But ‘Challenge for Government’ actually puts forward a whole platform on which we wish to build active engagement and partnership with Government as well as other partners.
  • Third, ‘Challenge for Government’ is not just about measures for the immediate future.  It is about the overall policy direction which we believe is necessary to ensuring the long-term sustainability and leadership of UK medical and health research.
  • Fourth, ‘Challenge for Government’ is evidence-based.  The ‘Challenge for Government’ website gives further detail on the statements in the main document as well key facts, statistics and case studies on the state of the sector.

In 2009-2010 AMRC’s members collectively spent over £1 billion on research.  ‘Challenge for Government’ reflects the breadth and depth of that contribution to medical and health research of and for patient benefit.  But we can only be successful in our endeavours with the ongoing commitment of Government and other partners.

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