ReSET – a final word

Welcome confirmation on the Department of Health’s website today,  that they will not be going ahead with the implementation of the ReSET Guidance on the attribution of NHS non-commercial Research costs, Support costs and Treatment costs.

As you’ll know from my blog over recent months, ReSET was causing very real concerns within the charity sector because of the potentially significant additional costs it would mean for charities looking to support clinical research in the future.  AMRC’s Executive Council met with the Department of Health last week to share these worries.

We put our concerns across vigorously but professionally and I am delighted that they have been listened too.  It is a final word on ReSET.  But, as the statement says, new discussions will begin shortly with the aim of arriving at a fair settlement based on the principles of the current guidelines in use.  It is important that the various parties approach these talks constructively.

It is in everyone’s interests,  most of all, patients.

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