Filling the void

It’s not like me to blog twice in as many days.  However, this is just a short piece you will no doubt be pleased to know. 

All I wanted to do was alert you to the launch of the ‘Research Mental Health’ Declaration and campaign yesterday.  The initiative is aimed at pushing the need for more mental health research and funding thereof, up the agenda.

As well as a Downing Street reception you may have seen the letter in The Times earlier this week and you can also visit the newly created website:  where you can sign up to the Declaration.  The Mental Health Foundation is leading the work alongside many others including Professor Til Wykes who heads-up the Mental Health Research Network (MHCRN).

Why call this blog ‘filling the void?’  Well, for the simple reason that there is not a charity in the UK dedicated to research into mental illness in the same way as you might find in cancer or dementia.  And it is a gap in the sector that I do worry and feel very passionate about. 

You might also like to check out the website of a newly created charity Mental Health Research UK which is also trying to raise funds but also get the community (charities, academics et al) to work more closely together.

If you are interested you can also read a longer piece by me on this that will appear in Research Fortnight next week – I think.

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