UK clinical trials units go up for review and registration

One of the many good things to come out of the establishment of the UK Clinical Research Collaboration (UKCRC) in the early noughties, is the registration of UK clinical trials units and the bringing together of these units into a network. Registration, which takes the form of an application and then review by an independent international panel... Continue Reading →

Here's hoping this works.  So, (sorry John Humphries et al) rather than send you all off somewhere else, here is the pdf of the whole patient information leaflet 'Your health records saves lives' which I wrote about yesterday.  Click here: PHR LIFT England online As I say, please pass it on...for me. And you can... Continue Reading →

Available in all good GP surgeries – new patient information leaflet on the use of patient data for research

This leaflet 'Your health records saves lives' (click on the picture below) marks the fruits of much hard work by the UK Clinical Research Collaboration (UKCRC) partnership over two years. Conceived, designed and written with patients very much as partners in the process, it seeks to explain how patient data is used for research purposes.... Continue Reading →

Clinical Trials

A Happy New Year to you all. Given that we are all likely to have to suffer several months of phoney elections wars not to mention the odd leadership coup that isn't I thought it would be refreshing to start the year off with a hard, solid fact. In 2008-2009, AMRC's member charities funded 166... Continue Reading →

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