Babraham Institute pins down public attitudes to basic science

Public dialogue exercises can come across a bit like the public engagement version of a 'lock-in.'  They are undoubtedly enjoyable - for all concerned including the participants.  However, there can be a feeling that people are being force-fed information until they recant their ways! That said, this tool (of choice, for many) is a useful way of exploring people's views on issues in-depth and over... Continue Reading →

Sciencewise: 10/10 see you again – I sincerely hope so!

Sciencewise, the Government funded body which aims to improve science and technology policy-making by making better use of public dialogue, is celebrating its tenth birthday this year. Set up in 2004 in the wake of the fiasco that was GM foods, Sciencewise has done much within Whitehall and Westminster to advance the case for a more open,... Continue Reading →

Cable and Willetts take public dialogue on science out of cold storage

It was only this time last week that, as I mulled over ideas for this blog, I considered a post listing some interesting 'facts' about public engagement including the number of days since the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) had said anything about future policy initiatives in the area of science and society. I should not... Continue Reading →

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