For what it’s worth: a few brief one-liners on the #NurseReview

Just been reading the Nurse Review of the Research Councils which was delivered to the Government this week a bit like your newspaper is delivered to your hotel room, silently and under the door. The Review's terms of reference are admittedly narrow. But you've got to wonder about a Review: Where half the Foreword is... Continue Reading →

Cable and Willetts take public dialogue on science out of cold storage

It was only this time last week that, as I mulled over ideas for this blog, I considered a post listing some interesting 'facts' about public engagement including the number of days since the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) had said anything about future policy initiatives in the area of science and society. I should not... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to Lord Mandelson

This week 'The Guardian' published an extract online of my response to Lord Mandelson's article in its pages about higher education funding.  But I thought I would provide the full text here for interest.  Dear Editor, The Business Secretary, Lord Mandelson, presents a stout case for why universities should see tighter budgets as an opportunity for diversifying their... Continue Reading →

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