NIHR makes plain English summaries a requirement of funding via @NIHRINVOLVE

Plain and simply good news from a citizen point of view. With thanks to INVOLVE and NIHR colleagues for making this happen, Plain English summaries in National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) funded research. The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) is committed to making sure that each research study it funds has a clear... Continue Reading →

No more medical breakthroughs please! (Apart from real ones.)

There is a large and seething brambles bush at the corner of my house which is being cut down this weekend.  It reminds me of the thorny undergrowth of jargon and words without meaning that smother a lot of science communication.  All to the detriment of public understanding.  Like those brambles the language that surrounds  science needs a good prune.............. Such is... Continue Reading →

Here’s one pilgrimage to patient experience worth taking….plus some Aussie common sense on science communication

I went to the Bob Sang Memorial Lecture by Sir Ian Kennedy this evening. Reflections on this another day. But sitting with friends beforehand I learnt about this programme and website which creates evocative and telling videos of patient experiences. Entitled Pilgrim Projects, the videos focus on an incident or episode in a patient's or... Continue Reading →

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