Political spotlight on Health Research Authority (HRA) intensifies

I am sure the new Health Research Authority (HRA) can take care of itself.  But the expectations being heaped on it by others show no signs of abating. I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow someone calls on it to cure cancer. If it had been created by a Blair Government it would surely have been … Continue reading Political spotlight on Health Research Authority (HRA) intensifies

Getting back into the (regulatory) swing…..

After two weeks away, this feels like the proverbial two minutes from time substitution that players do when coming back from injury.  Just to be sure we remember which goal we are attacking, mind. I have a feeling that 2013 will very much be a year about how we regulate health research in the future.  More … Continue reading Getting back into the (regulatory) swing…..

An Open Letter to Lord Mandelson

This week 'The Guardian' published an extract online of my response to Lord Mandelson's article in its pages about higher education funding.  But I thought I would provide the full text here for interest.  Dear Editor, The Business Secretary, Lord Mandelson, presents a stout case for why universities should see tighter budgets as an opportunity for diversifying their … Continue reading An Open Letter to Lord Mandelson