Charity right on Target with patient insights on clinical trials: where are the others?

This evening I have been reading a fascinating report about women with ovarian cancer and their access to clinical trials. Last week, Target Ovarian Cancer published the results of their 2012 Pathfinder Study.  It is an excellent piece of work.  What I like about it is that it digs around issues to do with choice... Continue Reading →

BriTROC ovarian cancer initiative an exemplar of UK research strengths and of things to come

Yesterday Ovarian Cancer Action announced funding of a new research collaboration - 'BriTROC' - aimed at developing 'a high-quality nationwide tissue and bio specimen bank.'  The bank will enable research looking at the molecular characteristics of tumours that recur despite treatment — an important area of unmet need in the field. All the above is from the press release. ... Continue Reading →

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