BriTROC ovarian cancer initiative an exemplar of UK research strengths and of things to come

Yesterday Ovarian Cancer Action announced funding of a new research collaboration - 'BriTROC' - aimed at developing 'a high-quality nationwide tissue and bio specimen bank.'  The bank will enable research looking at the molecular characteristics of tumours that recur despite treatment — an important area of unmet need in the field. All the above is from the press release. ... Continue Reading →

Ovarian cancer research: a new perspective and a great example of the impact of medical research charities on science

I do not normally devote the front page of my blog to the day job but on this occasion I hope you will agree that the news merits it. Today Nature Reviews Cancer have published online in their October 2011 issue a perspective piece entitled 'Rethinking ovarian cancer.'  The article, co-authored by the leading international scientists in... Continue Reading →

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