We are looking for feedback on the #NIHRoktoask campaign from patients, researchers, everyone…. Please help and RT.

We are the only country which runs a public awareness campaign across our national health system to encourage people to participate in clinical research - NIHR 'OK to ask'.  We've been doing it for three years on the trot to coincide with International Clinical Trials Day (ICTD) in May.  Now we want your views on how... Continue Reading →

Musings about badges and labels and that term ‘human guinea pig:’ what would your bumper sticker say as a patient in research?

How wonderful to see UK nurse Pauline Cafferkey discharged from hospital over the weekend having made a full recovery from Ebola. You may remember that, on New Year's Day as Pauline's condition worsened, the papers were full of the fact that she was to be treated with a new drug. I think the time-dishonoured phrase... Continue Reading →

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