There is no point to the javelin

It has come to this.  The world's top tennis players rush their shots to beat an 11pm curfew.  Bruce and Sir Paul are turned-off mid-performance.  And they don't use real javelins in schools. Looking across the the athletics field at my sons' school sports day, I spied a clutch of children competing in the javelin.  Except this... Continue Reading →

European Commission makes further changes to Directive on Information to Patients

If you are interested in the EU Directive on Information to Patients, known colloquially in La Grande Place as 2001/83/EC, then this article from InPharm which went online this afternoon will get you up to speed with the latest changes made by the European Commission. The most significant of the three recent changes seems to... Continue Reading →

Clinical Trials

A Happy New Year to you all. Given that we are all likely to have to suffer several months of phoney elections wars not to mention the odd leadership coup that isn't I thought it would be refreshing to start the year off with a hard, solid fact. In 2008-2009, AMRC's member charities funded 166... Continue Reading →

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