European patient group directory has some way to go before showing full story on pharma funding

My good colleagues at Cancer52 (the rare cancers coalition) sent me this, the third edition of the Burson-Marsteller directory of patient groups. On a purely practical level this tome is vital in helping to find your way round the various patient groups working on the European stage. Note the introduction by the EU Health Commissioner,... Continue Reading →

Clinical Trials

A Happy New Year to you all. Given that we are all likely to have to suffer several months of phoney elections wars not to mention the odd leadership coup that isn't I thought it would be refreshing to start the year off with a hard, solid fact. In 2008-2009, AMRC's member charities funded 166... Continue Reading →

Science in Europe

Hats off to the Campaign for Science and Engineering (CaSE) who were the only science organisation as far as I know to approach the political parties about their policies on science ahead of this week's European elections. And no, I am not just saying that because I happen to sit on CaSE's Executive Committee.  There... Continue Reading →

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