Vital ingredients in the research recipe – Cancer Research UK publishes OHE study

A quick blog this morning to highlight the Cancer Research UK commissioned, Office of Health Economics report published today which looks at the interdependency of public and charity medical research. Cancer Research UK's policy guru, Harriet Teare, gives a commentary on the study and what it means on their blog this morning. The co-dependency of public, charity... Continue Reading →

More on Pfizer

Ther's a couple of good pieces in the FT (link will take you to the front page) about the Pfizer announcement yesterday. Actually, it's quite interesting reading the comments of Pfizer's CEO as reported this morning.  They give some insight into the self-critical eye that pharma is taking on how it has done things in the... Continue Reading →

UKCMRI and other news

In Manchester at the Lowry Centre today for the NHS R&D Forum conference. I have fond memories of Manchester having spent some of my childhood growing up near Wilmslow.  Indeed, it was on a hot sunny day such as this that I remember myself and umpteen other seven year olds sitting on a gym mat listening to... Continue Reading →

Good news on medical research regulation

The Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, and the Business Secretary, Lord Mandelson, paid a visit to the Wellcome Trust this morning and announced a clutch of initiatives including: £250 million investment in 2010/11 for the new world-class medical research centre at St Pancras in London which will bring together research teams to tackle major medical challenges. The... Continue Reading →

Science Debate

The defining difference between national preparedness for snow in a country such as the US and one that is less so, like the UK, is this:  in the States they carry snow chains in their car; in the UK we carry cat litter if we are lucky. Preparedness - and more specifically preparedness for Government - is... Continue Reading →

Dialogue by numbers

I am writing this while sitting in a cafe in the exhibition area at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton. Such are the wonders of modern technology! Gordon Brown's speech is over and the crowds have more or less dispersed. All the action has moved to nearby tv and radio studios where the debate will... Continue Reading →

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