Stem cell research and charities

The world has gone consultation mad.  Another two dropped into my inbox yesterday.  I'm seriously considering booking myself into consultation rehab.  A few days off next week will at least allow me to undergo an intensive consultation detox programme in the meantime.   For those of you who have set aside today to write a response to... Continue Reading →

Vince Cable on regulatory reform..and more on that single regulator for research idea

You can find the Business Secretary, Vince Cable's, announcement today on regulation on the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills website here. Given the ongoing review of the EU Clinical Trials Directive which I have mentioned a number of times on this blog, many of our members will be pleased with the following statement he... Continue Reading →

Time to open up about industry

Every so often a story and resulting furore crops up in the media about charities, patient groups and their closeneness to industry and, in particular, pharmaceutical companies.   Journalists and the public will quite rightly ask: is it in the public interest?  I can well remember my first encounter with big pharma in my early days... Continue Reading →

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