I can see a role for Oprah, Richard and Judy when it comes to open access scientific publishing

It would seem we are one step closer to ‘open access scientific publishing.’  How big or small that step will be, we do not know yet. Yesterday we saw a classic bit of Ministerial sounding out of the community on one or two emerging ideas, when the Science Minister, David Willetts, spoke to the Publishers Association .  If the […]

Willetts looks for the OMG factor in online science communication

The Science Minister, David Willetts, blogs in today’s Guardian about the challenges for science writing in a world increasingly dominated by online media . He richly articulates the terms of an interesting debate and seems to convey genuine interest in the subject and a sincere wish to hear views. We must give the Online Media […]

Not a word on science and society from Willetts… rest my case

A major speech by Science Minister, David Willetts, about science and not a word about ‘Science and Society’ or the importance of the public. I am pleased that the Minister recognises the importance of ensuring science articles are in the public domain and not behind a pay wall but it’s curious there seems no public […]

New stem cell centre in the UK announced

This from The Guardian /Observer stable in the early hours of Sunday with a quote from the Science Minister, David Willetts MP. The article says the centre is likely to be located in the South East (Sandwich perhaps where Pfizer recently closed it’s facility?). £30 million of funding from a mix of public and private […]

Capability Dave announces cluster therapy for research

Monday saw the Science Mnister, David Willetts, and Health Minister, Earl Howe, announce what are being called therapeutic capability clusters (research consortia)  at the ABPI/BIA conference in London.  PharmaLetter has an article on it and what I think is the formal news release can be found on Pharma Live. Don’t be fooled by the PR […]

The good, the not so good and the uncertain

I can only think of turning the last few hours of trying to absorb today’s announcements and figures in the following way: The good Surely even the harshest critic would have to acknowledge that, comparatively speaking, science fared well in today’s spending review.  It was certainly spared the savage cuts that we are seeing elsewhere […]

CSR press reports: science spending to be 'frozen'

Well, we won’t have too long to wait to know whether this is true but the Guardian is reporting this evening that science spending is to be frozen in tomorrow’s CSR for a review period, representing a 10% reduction in real terms over that time as inflation reduces the spending power of departments. …and further […]