Can we sum-up the NHS Constitution in 140 characters?

So, there’s been a lot of activity around the NHS Constitution this week. The group reviewing this document, led by Dr Steve Field, held a twitter discussion one lunchtime and you can read the extracts of this on the Department of Health website here.  Then, yesterday, Jeremy Taylor from National Voices and a member of the […]

PM’s Global Health Policy Summit Speech signals the personal as well as phenomenal

You can find the full text of the Prime Minister’s speech at the Global Health Policy Summit in London today here. David Cameron’s remarks have caught the headlines because of his announcement about the new Phenome Centre. But, as important, are a number of other areas of his speech. These deal with the importance of the […]

Patient involvement in the Health and Social Care Act: National Voices Briefing

National Voices have published an excellent briefing on what the Health and Social Care Act (which received Royal Assent today) means for public involvement in care.’ And how we need to actively follow-up with the new NHS structures and bodies established by the legislation to ensure they keep to the letter of the law.  Read […]

From crisis to challenge: PM to spell out new dementia plan including research boost

This morning’s news bulletins are full of stories trailing the Prime Minister’s speech in London later today, when he is expected to launch a national challenge on dementia – from accelerating research funding and setting up a new academic science centre, to establishing a national screening programme and encouraging people to donate their brains to research. […]

Dear David Cameron, being a ‘research patient’ is one thing, it’s being a ‘research citizen’ that interests us more

Wall-to-wall coverage of the Prime Minister’s speech yesterday about life sciences and putting the NHS at the heart of innovation. All a bit frustrating therefore, that the full transcript of his speech is not yet available on the No 10 website as far as I can seen. The BBC has by far the best overview […]

How long can the Government continue living in a box before UK science unravels completely?

There is an article in today’s Times Higher Education (THES) about a report from Science is Vital campaign on the current crisis in the career structure for scientists entitled: Careering Out of Control: A Crisis in the UK Science Profession?  You can also read more on the Guardian blog.  Looking through a wider lense still, […]

Stem cell research…and that ‘nudge’ theory thing again

So, if you are looking for more information about today’s Government report: ‘UK Taking Stock of Regenerative Medicine in the United Kingdom’ you really do need to visit Becky’s policy pages as she has, per usual, taking the words out of my mouth. If am being absolutely honest though, I am more looking forward to […]

Is the Council for Science and Technology Fit-for-Purpose?

It is a question all Boards and Committees should ask themselves. Yesterday the Prime Minister announced the final names making up the re-formed Council for Science and Technology. Many of the final selection are people I much admire and David Cameron can be confident he is in good hands when it comes to scientific advice. […]

Cameron’s High Five

A reminder that David Cameron will be making five pledges on the NHS in a ‘keynote’ expected this week (possibly tomorrow (Tuesday)). Things like..there will be no privatisation, and an end to waiting lists etc. The Economist’s ‘Leviathan’ blog – which is always worth a look – takes a rather derogatory view of the Prime […]

That giving feeling

David Cameron was on the stump yesterday selling, or should I say ‘re-selling,’ his Big Society vision.  It has been pilloried in most of the articles that I have seen but if you wish to read his speech in full and make your own mind up then you can find a copy on the New Statesman […]

UKCMRI Gets Go-ahead…and news on CST

Those who visit this blog regularly will know that we’ve been following progress with the plans to build the UK Centre for Medical Research and Innovation in London ever since our first post.  So, in what feels like an early Christmas present for science, it is good to be able to report that yesterday Camden Town Hall […]