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If NZ can do this why can’t we?


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I get the feeling that this might not go down well. But I noticed this on the ‘wires’ this evening and you really have to say: ‘why not?’

The New Zealand Government is launching a $1million advertising campaign next month in which the public will be asked to help identify the scientific challenges which should be focused on. The top ten ideas will become part of their National Science Challenges initiative which will receive $60 million over the next four years.

The relatively small amount of money belies the refreshing thinking behind it. It is an idea which raises its head above the parapet here occasionally but I fear we lack the gumption to do it. But we should. (Reverb my thoughts from last week about ‘Science and Society’ – isn’t this just the sort of thing it could be doing?).

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  1. Derek Stewart says:

    Well, if it goes down well down under then why can’t it be upped up here?

    Derek Stewart, OBE

    Email: derek_stewart@me.com Mobile: 07590 983876 Twitter: @ppisqueek Blog: http://derek-online.blogspot.co.uk LinkedIn: Derek Stewart, OBE

  2. [...] Simon DeNegri noticed this campaign by the New Zealand government – a $1 million effort to gather public input on what scientific problems should be part of a grand challenges program receiving $60 million in funding (all amounts in New Zealand currency). ¬†Online and television advertisements will be used to solicit input from the public. ¬†The 10 challenges will be officially designated next April, after input from the public and an expert panel chaired by the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Adviser, Sir Peter Gluckman (I do recommend you follow his office’s blog). [...]

  3. Bridget Carpenter says:

    I think it is a factor of popultion size, (NZ 4,442,438) and diversity. Smaller is easier?

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